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Let’s face it many of us have had to use tape backup in the past, mainly because of cost.  However, how many of us have faced issues of being unable to rely on the tape we might need in the future, even if we regularly run test restores.  Taking the tapes off site, or to a safe, having to hand the tapes to others when you are away and dealing with multiple sites, just add to the problem.  If your backup deputy then leaves the off-site tapes in their car, getting either too cold or too hot, this could wipe out a large part of your plan.  Do you really replace them as often as you should too?

How many others just use a USB device which seems more reliable, but is it?  None of us can afford to have problems and find out when it is too late.

There is another, better way, using online, hosted (or cloud) backup.  Obviously like us, before experiencing it, there are a number of issues to deal with:

  • Relatively inexpensive when you consider it is there to protect your business.
  • It can backup files, SQL, Exchange, Lotus Domino, MySQL, Oracle.
  • You can run it on various operating systems, not just Windows.
  • You can decide how long to retain deleted files.
  • Once the initial upload is complete, the system only has to upload changed or new files, which then is actually really quick.
  • You get reports on every backup, which we can also monitor.
  • Restoring files is quick, and far quicker than you finding the right tape, then waiting for the system to find the files on there.
  • The bottom line is that you are backing up your business and need to consider how much that could cost you if it failed.

Our supplier of choice for this is the PerfectBackup hosted backup solution, with whom we have had a business relationship since 2009.  Their pricing remains competitive, and they have a reassuringly excellent level of service.  We also can advise how to combine off-site backup with local backup and virtualisation for the best disaster recovery setup.

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