About Us

Magic IT Services Ltd provides professional IT support & consultancy services to home, small and medium businesses, mainly in the Kent area, although we do offer remote support around the world.  We give sound, cost effective advice, services and products.

We have over 20 years’ experience in IT, backed by formal education, within a range of businesses, including education, manufacturing and professional services.  We also have experience of working full-time for companies, allowing us to better understand your requirements.

We provide more than just support for when things go wrong, but actual development and improvement of systems. Dealing with the full range of IT related activities such as administration, networking, hardware, software and software development.

For many businesses, having internal full time IT staff is just not feasible or affordable, so the alternatives are normally either for staff to struggle along themselves, or pay for expensive external support.  Magic IT Services Ltd aims to give you other options, because we:

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