Web and Graphic Design

We do not market ourselves as a true web design company.  We can't and don't intend to compete with those companies out there that specialise in this field.  However, we do have experience of this area and often are asked by our existing clients for advice, amendments or even complete web sites.  We aim to put our clients themselves back in control of their web sites, rather than outsourcing the hosting and editing to other companies, we help our clients to host with their own accounts, and allow them to make modifications to the sites quickly and easily.

We also are often asked by our clients for artwork to assist with newspaper adverts and other marketing literature.  This is associated with our part time and virtual IT Manager roles, whereby it allows the client to create artwork directly inside the company.  This allows the master files to be kept by the client for future use, and allows it to be created alongside the existing staff and marketing team, rather than having separation with an outside firm. 

Even if you just want someone to liaise with your existing web or graphic designer, we can help!

Please have a look at our portfolio section for details of work we have carried out to date.