Network Monitoring

Rather than waiting for problems to happen, we can use network monitoring systems to immediately know about issues, which allow us to be able to fix them quickly and to cut your downtime to a bare minimum.  Our software allows us to perform daily health checks as well as immediate notification of problems.

Additionally we can give you access to view the status of all your systems and complete hardware and software inventory.

We have a complete range of checks and monitoring, but it is entirely flexible, so you can either select all the checks for a server (or a workstation) or you can select just those you want.  Pricing is per server/workstation, so contact us today for your quote.

Proactive Daily Server Health Checks

  • Antivirus - Check your Antivirus is updating
  • Disk Space Change - Check to spot problems with disk consumption.
  • Tape Backup Successful - Check so you’re alerted to faults.  Also look at our hosted backup solution.
  • Hacker Alert - spot problems with unauthorized logins.
  • File Size Check - monitor the size of files or directories.
  • Exchange Server Stores - Check the size of your email server storage.
  • Event Log Check - Report critical event errors.
  • Disk Health Check - Spot emerging problems with physical disk health.
  • Custom Checks - Monitor Event Logs and check for specific events do or do not occur.
  • WSUS - Get alerted when critical updates haven’t been installed on all computers.

24/7 Round-the-Clock Server Monitoring

  • Internet connectivity - Get alerted when your systems can’t connect.
  • Server Performance Monitoring - alerts to problems with processor utilization,
    processor queue length, memory usage, network interface usage and physical disk
  • Bandwidth checks - alerts when bandwidth constraints are causing performance issues.
  • PING tests - check that selected network devices including printers, routers, remote office and more are available.
  • Windows Services - alerts for any Windows service that fails including Exchange and any other service.
  • Disk Space - alerts for space thresholds.
  • TCP port checks - alert for any external server, even ISP services such as SMTP, IMAP, POP3 or FTP.
  • RAID health/SNMP checks - make sure all hard disks are working properly or use this check to
    monitor any SNMP enabled device.
  • File Size Check - monitor the size of files or directories.
  • Website Check - monitor your public website and know when it has problems.
  • Custom Checks - Monitor Event Logs and check for specific events do or do not occur.

Workstation/PC Health Checks

  • Event Log Checks.
  • Anti-virus update checks to ensure the latest definition file is being used.
  • Drive space change check to alert you to problems that are causing drive space to be
    consumed at a rapid rate.
  • Disk health check to alert you to failing disks.
  • Hacker check to alert you to a high rate of unauthorized login attempts.
  • Windows service check on services that are on auto-start.