Cloud Email - Hosted Exchange Server

If you are still using services like Gmail, Hotmail, BT, Tiscali, AOL or similar as your business email, we have released an exciting hosted email solution that we think might be perfect for you!  Perhaps you are a start-up business or just looking to improve your email?

Flexible - Affordable - Secure - Professional - Great connectivity

You have probably heard about the "Cloud" services that are increasingly popular. Moving your email to the cloud is something we believe could really benefit your business.

Our premium product starts at just £6 per mailbox per month with no ties and you can start with just one mailbox!

If you don't have a file server to run your email system, most small businesses and sole traders often rely on POP3 mailboxes to download email to a desktop PC which can be very inflexible and unreliable. Local files like this struggle when the mailbox gets large and it is difficult to get the same emails on your phone - even when you do, they are not then synchronised. If the email file gets corrupted or the PC is damaged, all your emails can be lost. Even if you keep a copy on the server, your calendar, tasks and contacts as well as copies of your sent emails can still all be lost without a reliable backup.

Many people rely on specific providers such as AOL, Google Mail or Hotmail that are regularly targeted by hackers and don't always portray professionalism in an address. Likewise others use email addresses with their broadband provider, so they then can't easily change who they connect up with.

With our solution you can also show your contacts the same email address at all times, no matter how you access your emails. If you already have a domain name, small alterations to its settings can link to this email service - if you don't already have a domain name, they really are inexpensive, so contact us to help. If you have a web site, it isn't affected. Also, if you have existing advertising with an old email address, you can normally just redirect incoming emails to this new service.

Even if you already have an email address using your domain name, our solution can still give you lots of benefits, not just from improved email, but from being able to share calendars, tasks and more.

MagicCloud Email
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Hosted Email
  • No upfront fees.
  • No long term contracts - it is billed at the end of each month and you can cancel at any time.
  • Any number of mailboxes - start from just one.
  • Large mailbox size - 50GB.
  • Large attachments - 40MB - although this can depend on who you are sending to.
  • Central store - if anything happens to your main PC, your emails are safe.
  • Protected with Anti-spam and Anti-virus - enhanced services also available*.
  • Up to 10 email aliases.
  • Access Anywhere - connect to Outlook 2007/2010/2013, on the web via Outlook Web Access. Also connect via iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry (BIS).
  • Immediate Email receipt - don't wait for the time periods set to check for email, you get 'push email' to your device when it is received.
  • Synchronised - changes are made to all devices, so if you delete an email on your phone, it will disappear from your desktop. Also you see the same calendar, tasks and contacts everywhere.
  • See all folders - all devices see the same Sent Items folders and folders for filing that you have created.
  • Great sharing for multiple users - calendars, contacts and tasks.
  • UK Data centres - information never leaves the UK and is secured under the Data Protection Act. Many cloud and email providers are not UK based.
  • Resilience - every mailbox is hosted on 3 servers for ultra resilience.
  • Latest Exchange 2010 technology.
  • Blackberry BESX and BES optional services available*.
  • Option to rent a copy of Microsoft Outlook (always the most recent version) for your desktop PC from just £3 per month*. Compare that to buying a copy for around £90 for just one version.
  • Option of advanced Email filtering and Archiving*.

We believe that this solution is really going to benefit small businesses and sole traders alike, so contact us now if you are interested or for more information. We can also provide a full range of IT support & consultancy services and can also supply cloud based backup and file storage solutions.

* These options have extra charges, so please contact us for details.

The default account comes with a monthly throughput limit of 250MB, and upgrades are available.

All prices are subject to VAT.