Broadband and Connectivity

We know how hard it can often be to find a reliable, competitive supplier of broadband (ADSL), fibre (including FTTC) and leased lines for business as well as for home.  Furthermore, you then have to find a supplier that you can call on, who are based in the UK, and can be relied on to deal with any issues you might have.

That is why, we decided to partner with Eclipse Internet to bring you the level of service and product you need for either your business or at home.

They offer ADSL, Bonded ADSL for where fibre isn't available, SDSL and home bundles including line rental and calls.  All this from a provider that is driven by recommendations and regularly wins awards and recommendations.  They have a range of products that we can act as a referrer for, but also have a range of exclusive partner products that we can provide you with.  Contact us for details to compare to your current provider, or for more details.

There are even options about what to do if you exceed any monthly agreed usage amount - either a reasonable additional price per Gb, or have your speed capped for the rest of the month instead, so controlling your costs.