Although spam email levels have dropped in recent years, the problem is still with us, and you must take action to reduce the number arriving or staying in your inbox.  Whether they are phishing emails trying to get you to divulge you bank account details or trying to sell you the latest medication, at the very least they take up your valuable time, at worst they could lead to your bank account being logged into by someone else.

We can offer a range of solutions, from server based intelligent systems that can intercept the majority of these sort of emails, with detection rates up to 99% in the case of GFI's MailEssentials, through hosted solutions and to desktop services to run on either your office or home PC.

We also offer spam protection as standard on our MagicCloud hosted email solution, with options to extend this to a more advanced version, as well as part of our new AVG CloudCare solutions.

We can help with either recommending, installing or maintaining the best solution for your situation.

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