A Little Bit Different

We don’t see ourselves as a ‘run of the mill’ IT Support Company.  We often hear of companies who haven’t had good experiences with their IT Support.  So, after reviewing the problems, we aim to deal with these by:

  • Giving businesses the option of the best of both worlds, an outside IT support company but with the benefits of an internal IT Manager.
  • Giving alternatives of hourly consultancy through to regular part-time, on-site working.
  • Considering your business needs now and for the future to help you position IT effectively. 
  • Allow you to consider moving away from monthly contracts where you just seem to pay to fix problems and not to help your company.   However we are still happy to talk to clients who wish to follow this route instead of the pay as you go option.
  • Providing you with a real alternative from struggling to cope with IT yourself or paying for expensive support, so that you can get on with running your business.
  • Not thinking that just because something is in the news, and lots of people are talking about, like the cloud or virtualisation, it must be right for you.
  • Are honest enough to admit any shortcomings in our experience (we can’t all be masters at everything however hard we all try).  If you work in IT then you are learning constantly anyway, so we will work with you to provide the best solution in this case.